Great Service

Living and doing business in Nigeria carries its special challenges. People constantly complain about the poor quality of service they get from businesses or from the government.  On average, I think the issues people raise are valid, we do have a dearth of great service generally. But leaving it there is not enough. I think... Continue Reading →

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

  Yesterday, I got to speaking with a fellow I had met a few days before at a friend's wedding in beautiful Cape Town. We had both just arrived from SA and had the chance to chat while making our way through the arrivals queue. Almost as soon as we started talking the conversation turned to... Continue Reading →

The Great Meat Pie Demise

Hardly matters what anyone bloody well says, the Nigerian meat pie is in a bad way. I grew up on fantastic meat pies. There was nothing quite like it. It didn't particularly matter if you had them hot or cold, they were perfect. For the first couple of years we had those semi-circular mounds of... Continue Reading →

Blow Scatter or A Better Average

Tunde Leye wrote an interesting post yesterday which touched on a subject I've been thinking a lot about lately: building a life in Nigeria or trying to do so elsewhere. This is a topic as old as the hills, but maybe we can say something new about it. Why does anybody voluntarily try to move... Continue Reading →

Monday It Is

By the end of this post you might have established that I am bored, anxious to post something, or horribly foolish. You see, I do not know what to write (or, sometimes I wonder, how to). When I started this blog I had the idea that my life was quite interesting and that it offered... Continue Reading →

With All Your Might

In Ben Horowitz's The Hard Thing About Hard Things there is this now famous passage on putting in work: I will never forget the first team meeting with head coach Chico Mendoza. Coach Mendoza was a tough old guy who had played college football at Texas Christian University, home of the mighty Horned Frogs. Coach... Continue Reading →

Struggling To Write

Lately I've had the urge to write. But for me the baseline question when I write to publish always is—Do you have anything to say? It is easy enough to rehash an idea that has been expressed elsewhere in one of my scattered readings, but getting an original idea or a unique perspective or a... Continue Reading →


One of the great fallacies in Nigeria is the notion that leadership starts and ends with political leadership, and that "our leaders" are the entire cause of the problem with Nigeria. This is a fine piece of nonsense. Leadership is a broad concept. The church is a constituency with leaders, so are the mosques, the... Continue Reading →

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